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Provide 5g network of high quality radio frequency accessories

wave filter

Up to 170ghz, the filter has low insertion loss and high stopband rejection. We can customize the filter according to the needs of customers.



Fixed attenuator, digital attenuator and manual attenuator, frequency range up to 67ghz.


RF switch matrix

Coaxial switch (electromechanical switch) and pin switch, switch matrix, frequency range up to 40GHz


RF cable

DC ~ 110ghz, stable amplitude and phase, bending resistance, low insertion loss, high power, light weight, long life


RF loaders

Broadband and high power coaxial load, DC ~ 67ghz, power up to 500W, widely used in many occasions


Power divider / combiner

DC ~ 67ghz wide band and high reliability power divider / combiner. The most common ways of 2-way to 32 way

Test package service platform

Puseng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

A dedicated wireless test application service provider, covering RF communication, microwave and millimeter wave product manufacturing, audio test solutions. We have rich experience in RF testing, providing multi band broadband active and passive components. The company is equipped with 67ghz vector network analyzer, signal source, spectrum analyzer, power meter, oscilloscope, welding platform, voltage tester, high and low temperature test chamber and other R & D, production and test equipment. It has the ability of self-test, and the product has passed the third-party test, with excellent performance. The company independently develops and provides audio test related, soundproof box, sound insulation room, audio test software analysis system, professionally solves Bluetooth noise reduction test, industrial processing line abnormal sound test, and always adheres to the principle of customer first, in exchange for market respect with quality. Live up to every trust of customers.

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